TechnoMystics Technology Principals

The TechnoMystics continually seek opportunities to advance and empower individual sovereignty online. They employ cutting-edge technologies and emphasize the Technology Principals to achieve their goals.

The Technology Principals serve as a guide for decision-making when selecting and implementing technology for members. These guiding principles are as follows:

1. Maximize User Value

Technology should ultimately serve users by addressing their needs effectively. Aim to maximize the value delivered to users whenever possible, focusing on the most critical problems.

2. Prioritize Dependable Infrastructure & Process

Optimal architecture ensures efficiency in both resources and cost. Services must be reliable, safe, stable, and readily available to cater to the community’s needs.

3. Push the Envelope

Embrace experimentation, risk-taking, and learning from inevitable failures. Encourage innovation through trying new approaches and leveraging successful outcomes.

4. Be Fair

Promote decentralization or federation when possible and embrace open-source software. Contribute actively and foster reciprocity, nurturing a positive cycle of benefit for all.

5. Be Free

Always prioritize member autonomy and freedom. Choose privacy when necessary to protect the individuals and the community.